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Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir

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August 4, 2013

Title: Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir
Published: April 3rd 2001 by Ballantine Books
Series: N/a
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 Synopsis from Goodreads: Renowned in her time for being the most beautiful woman in Europe, the wife of two kings and the mother of three, Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the great heroines of the Middle Ages. Although she lived in an age in which women were regarded as little more than chattel, Eleanor managed to defy convention as she exercised power in the political sphere and crucial influence over her husbands and sons. In this beautifully written new biography, Alison Weir paints a vibrant portrait of this truly exceptional woman, and provides new insights into her intimate life.
My Thoughts:

This is my fifth book that I have read by Ms. Weir and I have loved
every one of them. Eleanor was a strong woman and was subtle
about how she used her authority in an age where women did not
have much power. The problem I had with this book is there is
so little known about Eleanor in her early years that Ms. Weir
fills up a great portion of this book with the way England was
at this time, Eleanor's children and her 2nd husband Henry. 
It is not until towards the end of the book that Eleanor is
discussed in greater detail.  Don't get me wrong I loved all the 
history and the detail to which Ms. Weir presents it.  I only wish
there was more about Eleanor.  I feel like I never got to know
anything about her or her life in her earlier years. 
Although this could be due to barely any mention of
her until her later years.
I love Ms. Weir's writing.  It never feels like I am writing a history
book.  Her writing it superb and the details are fabulous.  I
sometimes feel like I am reading about a soap opera because
of all the drama and intrigue.
I would recommend  this book and plan on read more books
by Ms. Weir.


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